Design Services

At Sweet Tea Living, we believe that every house can feel like home!  It can be big, little, rented, or owned, but every space can be designed to reflect who you are and how you live.  We provide different options based on what you are needing to help you create a space that makes you feel relaxed and comfortable.


Design Consulting

Not sure what to do to make your space feel right? With design consulting, we meet you in your space, discuss the function of that space, devise a decor plan, and send you a detailed plan for you to follow.  Our goal is to use what you have, and then guide you as to what to move or change.  We will also give suggestions of items to purchase in the future to finish off your space.  The first hour is $75 and the following hours are $50 each.  


Hands-On Design

Hands-On Design includes all the same services of a design consult, but then we take that plan and make it happen in your home for you! With this service, we will come into your home, move furniture, arrange decor, and create a space that feels like home to you!  We focus on balance, space, and flow.  If there are new items needed, we will shop for you, too.  The first hour is $75 and the following hours are $50 each.  If an assistant is needed, the fee is an additional $15 an hour.


Project Planning

Are you starting from scratch?  Do you need someone to look over your plans and help you plan out your space for how you want to live?  With Project Planning, we will sit down with you and go over your plans to help you envision your space exactly how you would want it.  Then we will create a detailed plan for the each space so once the project is completed, you will have a final product that you will love! The first hour is $75 and the following hours are $50 each.