Doll House standing.jpg

It all started when...

Megan was just a little girl.  Her daddy had built her a doll house as tall as her.  Megan would spend hours decorating each room, moving the furniture around, and adding decor to the walls and floors with whatever she could find.

As years passed, Megan started decorating her own room as often as she could.  One day when she was tired of the wallpaper in her bedroom, she just decided to peal it off without asking her mom.  Well, that led to redesigning her room again! But honestly, she came by this naturally! Her mom was always moving their furniture around the house or doing some home project! They would also visit any open houses they could on a Sunday after church, just to get ideas!  Megan would then go home and start drawing her own blueprints of her dream home.

For awhile, Megan planned to go to college for architecture and design, but then felt like she should work with children.  She started out pursuing an education to be a Child Life Specialist, but then changed her major to Elementary Education.  After graduating from college, Megan taught school and started a curriculum company.  She really loved to create and decorate her classrooms centered around a theme and colors that would be calming for students. 

As time went on, Megan felt the pull to pursue a career in design.  She went to Colorado for Redesign and Staging School.  Megan started staging homes for some local realtors, but her true joy came from helping people redesign their existing houses into the homes they longed for. 

Collecting vintage items has always been fun for Megan.  She sees potential in things that others do not. She got this talent from her dad!  He was always finding treasures to use when building their cabin or for home projects!  

Sweet Tea Living began in 2014.  Megan would travel around and sell her vintage finds at antique shows and in a rented space behind a local antique shop in Boise. This was super fun, but she longed to have her own shop someday! 

In January of 2017, Megan opened her own brick and mortar shop in Eagle, Idaho.  Her business plan was not the usual, but that's kind of how Megan does things.  Her goal was not to just open a shop, but to create an experience for people when they came into Sweet Tea Living.  It's like a vintage show, but in the same building each time.  Megan and her staff redesign the store every other week, so when customers come to visit, they experience something new each time.  This is why the shop is only open for 3 days at a time - allowing the staff enough time to flip the store, hunt for more amazing vintage finds, and redesign pieces for the next sale!  

In between sale weekends, Megan loves to go into clients' homes and provide design consulting.  She also enjoys creating new items for the shop, website, and the Sweet Tea Living linen line.  Megan has big plans for Sweet Tea Living and believes that God will open doors to what may be next for this exciting business!  Be sure to follow along for the ride!